Thursday, July 4, 2013

Elope In A Boat

Elope In A Boat

Drifting along on beautiful Coeur d'Alene Lake, water lovers can join hands in marriage aboard a comfortable pontoon boat.  A wedding, a toast, a lake tour or a swim for just the two of you or up to eight guests. Monday through Thursday morning or afternoons.  Friday evening.  Sunday afternoons. *

Elope In A Boat - Option 1      $500
  • Boat Rental 
  • Two Hours on the Water
  • Pirate Gene Driving
  • Chaplain Anne Officiating
  • Standard Ceremony

  • Elope In A Boat All-Inclusive - Option 2      $800
  • Boat Rental 
  • Two Hours on the Water
  • Pirate Gene Driving
  • Chaplain Anne Officiating 
  • PLUS ... Option 2 also includes:
    • Bridal Bouquet
    • Boutonniere
    • Two D├ęcor Bouquets for the Boat
    • Champagne Toast and Wedding Tartlets
    • Up to 6 guests plus Bride and Groom
    • Custom Wedding Ceremony
    • Keepsake Wedding Booklet
    • Keepsake Marriage Certificate
    Elope In A Boat All-Inclusive With A Wine Picnic - Option 3
    Add the following to the above packages:
         Picnic for Two     $100
         Picnic for Four    $160
         Picnic for Six      $180
         Picnic for Eight   $200

    *Based on availability
    Deposit $250 deposit required at the time of booking.

    Wednesday, July 3, 2013

    Haven Given Up Hope, I Found You

    My Love
    I waited so long for you
    That I had begun to believe
    There was no such thing as true love,
    That my life would be lived out alone,
    That nothing precious
    Would come in the form of someone to love.
    Finally, after so many sorrows and misteps and losses,
    After I had given up all hope,
    You were given to me like a miracle,
    Like a single elegant star
    In the darkest of nights.
    Now I feel joy
    Now I feel whole
    Now I feel that anything is possible.
    Thank you for coming into my life;
    Thankyou for loving me well.
    I have waited so long for my heart to be glad,
    For my soul to be full.
    Thank you for coming into my life.
    Thank you for coming into my love.
    I, _____, take you, ______,
    From this day forward and into the long forever,
    To be my beloved, my sweetheart, my darling, my wife/husband.
    I promise always to love you,
    To honor you, to adore you,
    To give thanks for the gift of your presence.
    You are the one I admire;
    You are the one I adore.
    You are the one I choose to go on with forever,
    From now until the end of my life.

    Marriage by Mark Twain

    A Marriage, by Mark Twain

    A marriage makes of two fractional lives a whole;
    It gives two purposeless lives a work,
    And doubles the strength of each to perform it.
    It gives to two questioning natures a reason for living
    And something to live for.
    It will give new gladness to the sunshine,
    A new fragrance to the flowers, a new beauty to the earth
    And a new mystery to life.