Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Elope and B&B Stay in Couer d'Alene from $76.50 per night

Eloping to Coeur d’Alene?  Just because you are eloping doesn’t mean it is an ordinary day.  We got together with our favorite Bed & Breakfast and came up a rate to make your wedding day and stay ultra-special and affordable.  Make the weekend memorable by staying at the Greenbriar Inn for two nights.  They already have fantastic rates, but for you just because Your Love Ceremony is doing your wedding, the rate is even less at 10% off.  Call Anne to make your reservations for your wedding night or two nights.  That is the only way you will get to 10% discount.  

It is a wonderful cozy and elegant place to stay.  In addition, they have an award winning gourmet restaurant down stairs for your special wedding night dinner. 

Of course, you might want to check out our full B&B wedding packages on this website.

Call Chaplain Anne at (208) 964-3578.

A wedding ceremony with her kids, his kids, and you two is a beautiful statement of unity for a blended family.  Here are some easy ideas to make it special:

  1. Flower Ritual:  Two vases of different kinds of flowers representing each parent. One empty vase in the center.  During the ceremony each of the family members takes a flower from their parent's vase and places it into the center vase.  The new bouquet represents the new blended family.
  2. Sand Ritual: Using the sand ceremony tradition, each family member has a different color sand.  All of the family members pour sand into the vessel creating a mosaic of colored sand representing the new family.
  3. Fountain of Love:  Each family member chooses a smooth rounded rock.  Upon this rock, they write their name and perhaps a meaningful word.  During the ceremony, the rocks are placed in a special bowl to represent each members unique difference and yet unity as a family.
  4.  Family Prayer:  At the end of the ceremony, when it is time for a blessing, all family members place their hands one upon another for a family blessing.
  5. Vow to the family:  Each parent, after their vows to each other, gives a vow of commitment to the children of the now blended family.
  6. Gratitude for support:  When children are grown yet supportive of your new marriage, you may wish to give a word of thanksgiving and blessing to your grown children during the ceremony.
  7. Conflicting feeling:  When the children of the couple are conflicted about their parents getting married, ask each child if they wish to be involved and honor their feelings.  
  8. Call me by name:  It is important to each of us to be recognized by our name, especially younger children or teenagers (though they may not acknowledge it).  Ask the wedding officiant to include a prayer similar to this, "Lord God, as this new family goes forth together, touch the lives of ______, _______, _______, and _______ (children's names), that each one may blossom in this family into the unique and special person you have created them to be."

Monday, January 6, 2014

Valentine's Day is For Weddings

Join hands in marriage
this Valentines
in beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Two Love Nest Packages For Valentine Day or Weekend

Very limited availability so,
please, secure your time today!

Call (208) 964-3578

Weddings performed at the Greenbriar B&B Inn

In their Elegant and Cozy parlor

Exclusively by "Your Love Ceremony"

with Chaplain Anne or Chaplain Gene


Package #1

Valentine’s Day “Sweethearts Wed”Thursday, February 14 10AM to 3PM



$275   Just You Two or up to Four Guests 

Wedding Includes:  

Three Red Rose Bouquet for the bride
Boutonniere for the groom
Valentine Keepsake Wedding Certificate
Recorded Wedding Music
Wedding Officiant
Simply Wonderful Ceremony
Gourmet Chocolates
Romance Basket
Champagne Toast for the bride and groom
Little Cakes for the bride and groom
Sparkling décor
Lodging arranged at an additional cost.*

Package #2

“Love Will Linger Wed N Stay”

An Exquisite Custom Ceremony

Plus Two Nights and Dinner at the Greenbriar Inn





$675 Up to 10 Guests               Daytime, Evening or Weekend

Cupid will rejoice when you celebrate your Valentine wedding with roses, fine dining, two nights of romance and a beautiful bride. Whether it is just the two of you or a few guests, this package brings together all the elegance of a upscale wedding with none of the stress.

Wedding Includes:
Two Nights Lodging at the Greenbriar Inn for the Bride and Groom plus Breakfast
Custom Vows and Service
Wedding Music
Three Red Rose Bouquet for the bride
Boutonniere for the groom
Wedding cake
(Choice of vanilla, chocolate, red velvet or carrot cake. Choice of flower colors on the cake.)
Romance Basket including Gourmet Chocolates and Love Notes
Valentine Keepsake Wedding Certificate
Hotel arrangements for guests
Romantic Moments Wedding Ceremony and Officiant
Wedding Performed in the Greenbriar Parlor with Sparkling Décor
May include Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony**
Keepsake Ceremony Booklet
Champagne Toast
Wedding Dinner for Two
at the Greenbriar Gourmet Restaurant. Guests are welcome for dinner a la carte.
*Based on Availability.  Two night stay required for a holiday
**At an addition cost of $40.




Winter Wedding Packages

Elope this Winter, Warm and Beautiful 
In Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
At the Greenbriar B&B Inn
 Exclusively by "Your Love Ceremony" 
With Chaplain Anne or Chaplain Gene.

Greenbriar Diamond Elopement Packages
by Your Love Ceremony

#1. Diamond Romance   $740

 A Custom Ceremony with the Elegance of a Formal Wedding, Including One Overnight at the Greenbriar Inn. All you bring is LOVE!

A beautiful bride, diamond décor, honeymoon suite, flowers, fine dining and romance is what you deserve on your wedding day. Whether it is just the two of you or a few guests, this package brings together all the elegance of a upscale wedding with none of the stress.
Just You Two or Up to 10 Guests
Evenings and Weekends
 4PM -7:00PM
 Reservations Through "Your Love Ceremony"

·         Two Nights Lodging at the Greenbriar Inn
·         Honeymoon Boudoir Room plus Breakfast
·         Use of Kitchen and Hot Tub
·         Hotel arrangements for guests
·         Wedding Officiant
·         Greenbriar Parlor with Sparkling Décor
·         Romantic Moments Wedding Ceremony including these extras
o   Just the Two of You or Up to 10Guests
o   Three Rose Bouquet for the bride, her choice of colors.
o   Boutonniere for the groom
o   Recorded Wedding Music with Choice of Songs
o   Custom Vows
o   May include Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony**
o   Keepsake Ceremony Booklet
o   Wedding cake (Choice of vanilla, chocolate, red velvet or carrot cake. Choice of flower colors on the cake.)
o   Champagne Toast
o   Gift of Love Notes, Gourmet Chocolate& Romance Basket
Wedding Dinner for Two at the Greenbriar Gourmet Restaurant. Guests are welcome for dinner a la carte.
**At an additional cost of $40 each for candle or sand supplies.

# 2. Winter Joy   $205

A Simple Ceremony with Roses and Love

$205    Half Hour
Up to 6 Guests
Monday through Thursday 
11:00am to 3:00pm 
By Appointment Only

· Single Rose for the bride
· Boutonniere for the groom
· Wedding Officiant
· Simply Wonderful Ceremony 
· Keepsake Wedding Certificate
· Champagne Toast for the bride and groom
· Little Cakes for the bride and groom
· Sparkling décor
· Gift of Love Notes
· Lodging arranged at an additional cost.